QR Codes

Save your readers the hassle of remembering and typing long URLs, with the built in QR code scanner you can access your ePaper without having to type anything. Readers can scan the QR Code easily with their Smartphones and will get directly to your ePapers - Internet connection required.

Discover the Web with QR Codes and make your ePaper accessible everytime and everywhere!
If you have read newspapers in the last few months, than you should have noticed Quick Response Codes (shortly QR Codes). QR Codes are a sort of black and white square patterns that are similar to barcodes. With them you can get information and open websites on your Smartphone whithout typing in anything.

QR codes bridge the gap between digital and paper world.
Readers scan the QR Code with a scanning app on the Smartphone or Tablet and get redirected to online content via the internet browser. Every new Smartphone and Tablet with a camera can scan the QR Codes. Mostly the scan software is already installed or can be downloaded and installed for free.

Where can I place my QR Code?
You can place your QR Code everywhere you like. Print it in your magazines, newspapers, flyers, books, billboards, newsletters and business cards.

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